About Savvychip

Savvychip Technologies is a provider of IT and ITES lofty ending and strategic in process and proof aid providers to emerging technologies of Semiconductor, Embedded systems and Telecom. Savvychip Technologies is progressive in evolution and substantiation solutions, scenario and procedure to empower extremely hastening process and check with exceptionally strong enforcement, effort of fluid with transfer of production in industry. Savvychip technologies resources are precise trenchant in delivering their execution and engrossment on spacious territory of industry, by feat streamlined and worthy professionals for their worthy job.


Developing and supporting the design in IP's and VIP's for the products that will give our value added acumen in the process of technology growth in the industry.


To expedite customer’s business product expansion by providing progressive and diligent solutions intended for accelerating in advanced core technologies with the collaboration of prominent clients with outstanding support and value added services.